Dr. Robert Chapman at Original CBD Expo

Dr. Robert Chapman, Founder of Applai Relief, Speaks at The Original CBD Expo Tour West 2021

Our founder, Robert Chapman, Ph.D, spoke at The Original CBD Expo Tour West 2021 in Los Angeles, California on September 30th and October 1st, 2021. As a noted medicinal chemist, Bob shared his extensive knowledge on creating CBD formulas. Specifically, how CBD can be blended with other traditional ingredients from around the world to build a potent product that may have many health benefits, from relaxing muscles and anxiety to improving sleep. Applai Relief’s formula was developed on the science of how cannabinoids interact with terpenes, other cannabinoids, flavonoids and traditional and nontraditional dietary supplements. Combining these powerful ingredients into one simple to use product, Dr. Bob Chapman designed Applai Relief to help soothe everyday stresses and continues to share his wisdom through events such as The Original CBD Expo Tour West 2021.

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