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How to Use Applai Relief’s Essential Oils For Your Massage

My body issues require a mixture of Thai and Swedish massage techniques, and I generally have work done for over 2 hours.  It isn’t a pleasant experience for me or the therapist, as my body is a workout for both parties. A good Thai massage operation will have overhead “monkey bars” where the therapist may hang as he/she balances and uses his/her feet and body weight to walk on your calves, thighs, buttocks back and shoulders. If you’re tight like me, it’s a brutal experience. During the massage, the therapist will use a combination of hands, forearms, elbows, and whatever body part is convenient for manipulating your body. A Thai massage done by trained Thai massage therapist is an experience that usually requires physical contact with the therapist as he/she manipulates you. You can always get a straight Swedish massage without manipulation.   

Why Use Applai Relief For Your Massage?

My tendons are tightly wound, and my muscles have quite a bit of accumulated sinew and scar tissue. I have designed Applai Relief essential oils to help loosen and relax tendons and muscles for a massage. Massage therapists love to use Applai products because they quickly relax tight muscles and tendons. This allows for deeper stretches, more manipulation to move blood and carry toxins out in the lymph system, and less pain for the client. Applai products are also a time saver because the balms and oils can get a client to the point of lower tension much more quickly than non-therapeutic massage oils.   

The body is a kinetic chain.  We have muscles bound by tendons to joints.  We have ligaments binding bones to construct joints.  Muscle, tendon, ligament and joint must be in harmony for agility, ease of motion, low pain, and overall wellness.  We recommend several Applai products for establishing this harmony of muscle, tendon, ligament and joint.  You should experiment with various combinations of our essential oils for your massage to discover the relationships between pain and mobility.   

I suggest using Applai Relief essential oils for a massage in a certain way to get the best results, based on my own experience: 


Apply a thin bead of Applai Traditional Oil (or Applai Traditional Plus with CBD) along the IT band of my thighs and along the outer area of my shins and calves.  He/she massages this product into the muscles, tendons and sinew using their massage oil or by adding our Applai Massage Oil over the musclesThe therapist can certainly experiment and use the Applai Massage Oil on one half of your body to compare to a “control” of non-therapeutic oil.  A therapist generally runs the back of his/her forearm along these long bands along your legs.  You will notice the gliding to be deeper and less painful as the elements of the Applai Traditional Oil penetrate and do their work.   

For the lower back, do the same along the erector muscles.   

For the shoulders, apply below the shoulder blades.   

Applying Our Traditional Balms

We designed Applai Traditional Balm and Applai Traditional Plus Balm for the larger muscles.  They both contain more Plai extracts, and you will immediately smell the unique odor of Plai rhizome in these balms.  A combination of Applai Traditional Oil and Applai Traditional Balm works by first applying the Oil at the tendons connecting muscle to bone.  Apply the Balm on the larger muscle groups.  Tendon and muscle will relax.  Of course, each product can be effectively used alone, but our studies have shown they are excellent in combination.   

Massaging Applai Relief’s Modern Products

Applai Modern and Applai Modern Plus products are more “fragrant” with ginger and guava notes.  They are higher in sabinene and beta-caryophyllene, which is great for joints and nerves.    We love those in the upper body area.  Never get into your eyes of course, but a dab at your temples for a massage is wonderful.   We recommend you use Applai Modern Products on your upper spine and neck area.  Applai Modern Balm and Applai Modern Oil seem to work well when applied directly to joints.  The jojoba oil allows for quick penetration. These are not greasy products at all.   A good shoulder massage with the Applai Modern Oil or Applai Modern Balm is wonderful.   

Visit the Same Therapist

He/she will learn to use these products by repeated use.  Your body is slightly different than another’s.  Some have tighter muscles, while others may have very tight tendons.  For me, massage therapy can loosen ligaments from years of injury and abuse, while removing tension from muscles to reduce strain on my ligaments.  Your therapist will begin to learn how to balance application of the balms and oils to benefit your and your time spent.   


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