Pain Relief

Oils for Joints, Balms for Muscles, Both for Tendons

Many people ask what product they should use and why we have “so many products”. Each oil and balm can be used for different aches and pains in different locations depending on what hurts. If you’re wondering which Applai Relief you should try, let us break it down for you so you know what will fit your needs best.

Applai Relief Oils

Oils are more concentrated than the balms. Applai Relief oils can be used for spot applications on sore joints. The carrier oils, such as MCT and Jojoba in Applai Relief, are more effective transdermal agents, which means that they don’t feel oily.  The ingredients soak into your skin and down to the muscles, tendons and joints below. Roll Applai Relief on your joints, along your spinal area and on sore tendons.    

Applai Relief Balms

Since balms are less concentrated, they can be be spread over larger areas of the body. Our Applai Relief balms can help ease muscles and tendons. We use Plai in our products because it is well known for muscle relief.  Applai Relief Traditional balm is best used for the larger muscles and lower back, while Applai Relief Modern balm can be used for the neck, temples and smaller upper body muscles.  Both the Applai Relief Traditional and Modern balms can soothe your sore feet whether from standing long hours or playing a sport.

Applai Relief Extra Oil

Applai Relief Extra oils are formulated to be “hotter” and “cooler”.  It will heat up as you become more active, and cool back down as you reduce activity.  Applai Relief Extra is more effective in cooler climates than Traditional or Modern Oils, specifically for winter activities or temperatures below 65F.  However, when the weather warms up, you will feel the heating effects more drastically. Some of our clients even use Applai Relief Extra for hot yoga. Plus, the Thai love it in their hot climate! With that said, Applai Relief Extra brings the heat and is fine in any climate for calming tough knots and serious pain.

Applai Relief Massage Oil

For larger body application and a great massage, we recommend our Applai Relief Massage oil.  This oil has components from both the Modern and Traditional oils, but also contains CBD to help relax your body for slumber.  Applai Relief Massage oil has been formulated for massage application on large areas of your body. It has all the goodness in a beautiful and large bottle so you get more bang for your buck.

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