Why Applai?

Pronounced just like “apply”, ApplaiTM balms, roll-on oils and massage oils are all natural products that feature Plai extracts. We only add extracts from botanicals. We add non comedogenic carrier oils such as Jojoba and MCT. We do not add coloring or fragrance. What you see is the natural composition.

In all our products, Plai extracts are featured prominently. In the Traditional balm, you will find a pungent scent reminiscent of the traditional Thai poultice. Several Plai extracts are combined for this effect. We believe in the power of the rhizome, so you will find ginger and turmeric blended in as well. Several other well-known soothing herbal entourage ingredients round out this blend. Capsaicin, menthol and camphor are present, and you may find this balm to be “heat activated” or “activity activated”. The harder you work, the more you feel. Expect a deep feeling of a relaxing massage after application.

The Modern balm has a more aromatic and soothing single Plai extract, different from the composition in the Traditional balm. Of course, its cousins ginger and turmeric are added, and we use lemongrass as a balance for the ginger. As with the Traditional, the Modern balm will intensify as you become more active and lessen as you cool down.

All ApplaiTM balms are formulated to last for several hours with minimal application. We have found that combination of the balms by subsequent application may be even more soothing.

Later blogs will discuss some of the biochemistry and cellular biology of sensation, pain and inflammation. Why does capsaicin burn? Why do menthol and camphor cool? What other effects can these botanicals have? The beauty of topical application for relief over ingestion of pills is that you will instantly feel an effect. Your skin will feel heat and cool. Your nasal passages may open to accept the invigorating and soothing aromas. Your muscles may relax, and your joints may feel soothing relief.

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