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We created Applai to bring together the best in traditional Thai herbalism and modern medicinal chemistry, creating soothing, invigorating formulas, using plai and other botanical extracts from all around the world.

Bob Chapman and Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

About Bob

PhD Medicinal Chemist & Creator of ApplaiTM

Bob has battled degenerative nerve conditions from spinal stenosis and has fought arthritis for more than a decade. By using physical therapy, chiropractic, meditation, acupuncture, carefully tailored diet adjustment, probiotics, yoga, music, binaural beat brain wave sessions (!), and other “alternative” methods, Bob was able modulate his decay and slow its process. During this time, he investigated herbalism and essential oils. Using his background in medicinal chemistry, biochemistry and herbalism, he created massage oils and balms to soothe his symptoms.

An Introduction to Plai

Because of his expertise, Bob was invited to Thailand to help develop formulations based on hemp, cannabis and Asian traditional herbal medicine. In Thailand, Bob was introduced to Plai. While there, Bob developed a series of topical balms, roll-on essential oil blends and massage oils that are a “modern” take on Thailand’s traditional formulations. The formulations are based on essential oils sourced from Thailand. Some plant sources are organically grown, and all are carefully chosen by companies with generations of commitment to soothing sore muscles with essential oils and herbalism. Materials he sources are also used by major food and fragrance companies for their formulations. He continues his work in herbalism and essential oil formulation in Thailand to help relieve sore muscles and ease the stress away. Bob spends more than four months a year in Southeast Asia and Thailand working with local herbalists, scientists and farmers to source material, develop new methods of extraction and create new formulations.

A Continuing Journey

Bob’s journey is far from over, and he now walks without a cane. He is generally pain free, and he believes that anyone afflicted with pain and degenerative conditions should certainly use all the tools available. FDA approved drugs and traditional medicines are always the first path to take. We can’t fight without understanding. A diagnosis may lead the way. As so many have discovered, essential oils, herbalism, yoga, and other “new age”, but very old-world, techniques are excellent additions to managing our care and daily lives.

Applai Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

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Choose from Modern or Traditional formulas, or excite your soul with the hot and cool sensations of our Extra and Extra Plus formulas. Discover the calming, restorative effects of ApplaiTM.

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