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How to Use Applai Relief’s Essential Oils For Your Massage

My body issues require a mixture of Thai and Swedish massage techniques, and I generally have work done for over 2 hours.  It isn’t a pleasant experience for me or the therapist, as my body is a workout for both parties. A good Thai massage operation will have overhead “monkey bars” where the therapist may …

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Traditional and Modern Methods of Herbal Extraction

The Thai and SE Asians live among a cornucopia of herbs, and plant matter. Rural folk can forage for ginger, galangal, turmeric, plai, guava, pineapple and more.  In fact, local gardens are everywhere, and farmer’s markets are abundant. City folk are fortunate enough to get fresh material trucked in from surrounding countryside.    I spend time …

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Holiday Season in Bangkok

It’s the high season in Bangkok now.  It’s also Christmas.  Thailand embraces Christmas for reasons of tourism, but there are many Christians here as well.  High season is marked by an increase in tourism attracted by a significant decrease in temperature.  The hottest months are April and May, but July through September don’t seem much …

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What is Plai?

Plai is a rhizome, or a subterranean plant stem that tends to grow horizontally, with shoots that grow upwards from its nodes. It is a member of the ginger family, as is turmeric and galanga. Ginger, turmeric and galanga are commonly used in food and teas as flavoring, and the three are commonly used in …

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Why Applai?

Pronounced just like “apply”, ApplaiTM balms, roll-on oils and massage oils are all natural products that feature Plai extracts. We only add extracts from botanicals. We add non comedogenic carrier oils such as Jojoba and MCT. We do not add coloring or fragrance. What you see is the natural composition. In all our products, Plai …

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A Word on FDA Labeling

The FDA has categorized requirements for product claims. A cosmetic or personal care item, a supplement, an over-the-counter drug, and a prescription drug all must meet FDA requirements before certain things may be claimed. I personally take certain over-the-counter and prescription drugs. I prefer to use natural remedies where possible, but I stick to FDA …

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