How to Use Applai
Designed to go with you wherever you go, Applai balms and roll-on oils come in handy, portable applicators, easy to stash in a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase.
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Roll-On Oils

Available in 3.5g and 7.5g applicators, Applai Roll-On Oils are easy to apply while keeping your hands dry. Just roll on the area of soreness or tension and go, or apply oil over a small area and massage for more complete muscle relaxation and sore muscle relief.

roll-on oils


To create Applai balms, Applai essential oils are blended with natural beeswax, as well as organic jojoba and MCT oils for a firmer glide. Applai sore muscle relief balms are available in 3.5g and 17g applicators. Simply massage balm into the area around joints and sore muscles.

roll-on oils

Massage Oil

Applai Massage Oils are formulated for the entire body and perfect for home or spa. Warm the oil in your hands before application, or apply direct to the skin and massage into the skin for a restorative, relaxing experience.

The Experience and Benefits of Thai Massage

The experience of a Thai massage is a little different than the Swedish or Shiatsu massages most experience here in the United States. Rather than laying on a table, the person receiving a Thai massage generally lies on the floor and is manipulated into different stretching positions by the practitioner.

There are a number of benefits to Thai massage, including stress reduction, energy level increases, headache relief, and improvements in circulation, range of motion and flexibility. Athletes in particular often find Thai massage to be beneficial because of its ability to stretch the entire body and improve relaxation as well as circulation, providing a more restorative, energizing experience than other types of massage.

Because a Thai massage experience is more interactive, it’s not uncommon for muscles to be sore after a good Thai massage. This is why Thai massages are frequently paired with a poultice that includes plai to help soothe and restore sore muscles.

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