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Plai Root

What Is Plai?

A member of the same family as ginger and turmeric, plai is a rhizome, with a stem that grows horizontally underground and shoots that grow vertically upward. Found primarily in Southeast Asia, plai has been used to soothe inflammation and relax tense, sore muscles. In a thousand-year plus tradition, plai, herbs and plant material are contained in a muslin poultice, which is steamed and rubbed into the body after a deep tissue massage.

What is Applai? You apply Applai. The name honors its source of power and the deep tradition behind this remarkable plant.


Combat Inflammation and Relieve Soreness

Based in plai oil, which is used in relaxation techniques like traditional Thai massage, Applai incorporates ingredients from around the world to create formulas that ease tension while instilling a sense of serenity.

Extraction Process

A Proprietary Extraction Process

Unlike the harsh steam distillation methods that many essential oil producers use, the botanicals used in Applai balms and oils are extracted using a proprietary method that preserves the valuable material and therapeutic effect.


Take It With You Wherever You Go

Applai balms and oils are packaged with your busy life in mind. Whether you need to apply Applai during your yoga class, while at your desk, or just before your workout, our eco-friendly, pocket-sized containers and applicators are easy to take with you wherever you go.

See What Our Customers Say
"Finished an eight mile hike and my bunions were throbbing. Rolled Applai Modern Plus directly to my bunions, and the throbbing pain subsided and the swelling was reduced. Even better, I did not have to touch my feet with my hands - rollon was perfect!"
- Rachel K.
"We love the roll on oils. The rollerball itself is cooling and is a nice little massage as you roll on the product. I love that the oil itself isn't too greasy, I can apply and go right back to what I was doing without having to worry about it getting on anything."
"I've interchanged modern plus oils and traditional plus oils for my hands and on my neck. I apply when doing my physical therapy exercises daily for cervical stenosis and arthritis. I am amazed how it eases and relieves pain. Both my arthritic thumbs are better than they have been in years and my trigger finger rarely acts up."
– Rochelle S.
"I ordered two roll-ons for my mom (modern plus and traditional plus) - SHE LOVES THEM and swears it totally has relieved her pain."
"The Modern Plus is my next go-to. It's cooling effect is particularly nice in the hot summer months."
"I love the cooling massage of the roll-on applicator. They've been great for after workouts."
"I love love love the Extra Plus Oil! Not only does it quickly work to start releasing tension, it also smells amazing. The scent helps remind me to breathe easier and deeper. It's especially soothing when I have a migraine. I frequently use it on my shoulders and neck due to tension from sitting at a computer all day."
Modern Traditional Plai Balm

Applai Natural Relief

Available in Modern and Traditional formulas, Applai Natural Relief is available as a roll-on oil or a self-massage balm. With invigorating scents and botanical extracts, they soothe life’s stresses and quiet sore muscles.

Applai Natural Relief PLUS

For extra relief, choose our Relief Plus products, also available in Modern and Traditional formulas. Applai Relief Plus contains reliably sourced CBD isolated from hemp extract for even more comforting relief.

Modern Traditional Plus Plai Root
Plai Root

Applai Relief EXTRA and EXTRA PLUS

For the days when nothing else seems to work, turn to Applai Relief Extra and Applai Relief Extra Plus. Added bursts of heating capsaicin and cooling mint in Applai Relief Extra will fire up the senses and get you moving, and the additional CBD isolated from hemp extract in Applai Relief Extra Plus will deliver the natural relief you need to keep moving.

Applai Relief Massage Oils

Formulated for use on the entire body, Applai Massage Oils are perfect for home or spa. Lightly scented with hints of lemon balm and ginger, you can warm Applai Massage Oils in your hands before massage, or apply directly to the skin. Try Applai Massage Plus Oil with reliably sourced CBD isolated from hemp extract for an even more soothing experience.

Modern Traditional Plus Plai Root
The CBD and Hot Pepper Combo in Essential Oils

We spent considerable time and effort learning how CBD interacts with other therapeutic molecules in the herbal and plant extracts blended in our Applai products.  CBD is called a “promiscuous molecule” because it binds to over 64 receptors in the human body.  Medicinal chemists and MD’s don’t like a...

How to Use Applai Relief’s Essential Oils For Your Massage

My body issues require a mixture of Thai and Swedish massage techniques, and I generally have work done for over 2 hours.  It isn’t a pleasant experience for me or the therapist, as my body is a workout for both parties. A good Thai massage operation will have overhead “monkey bars” where the therapist...

How Do You Choose A Massage Spa During A Pandemic?

We are still dealing with the uncertainty of COVID-19. I certainly take the virus seriously, and therefore I use a certain level of precautions. However, I can’t function well if I don’t have regular massage therapy to release scar tissue, stretch tendons and get fluid into my joints. Massage therapy...

Traditional and Modern Methods of Herbal Extraction

The Thai and SE Asians live among a cornucopia of herbs, and plant matter. Rural folk can forage for ginger, galangal, turmeric, plai, guava, pineapple and more.  In fact, local gardens are everywhere, and farmer’s markets are abundant. City folk are fortunate enough to get fresh material trucked in...

Oils for Joints, Balms for Muscles, Both for Tendons

Many people ask what product they should use and why we have “so many products”. Each oil and balm can be used for different aches and pains in different locations depending on what hurts. If you’re wondering which Applai Relief you should try, let us break it down for you so you know what will...

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